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Powered by Ethereum smart contracts

Peer-to-peer betting platform


Qalba Tech Ltd is Maltese Company with the mission to bring to the world the new platform for peer-to-peer betting that uses smart contracts and strong sides of blockchain technology.

Qalba Betting Platform is a revolutionary p2p platform that allows users to place bets against each other on future changes of cryptocurrency’s price at different time intervals from 10 minutes to 1 week. The entire process is managed by a smart contract while bets are being made in ETH. All bets are stored in the blockchain so that all betting results are immutable and honest which can be proved.

Once the result is known, the ETHs of the users who made the wrong prediction are being divided among the users who made the correct forecast of the price movement direction. Before making payouts, the platform charges a commission of 8% of the total amount of bets placed. Payouts are automatic and instant.


Blockchain technology provides open access to information at all times, thereby, ensuring fully transparent process, accurate data records and equal terms for everyone.

Provable fairness

Since we are not betting, there is no reason for us to manipulate results. Whatever is the outcome of your bet, we get to profit from collecting service fees.

Common pool of liquidity

The goal is to consolidate maximum liquidity from the derivative markets through forming one common pool of liquidity for each trading asset, instead of creating multiple tiny ones.

White label for brokers

We use the white label model to build solutions and provide services that allow minimizing entry and setup costs as well as help brokers launch their business in no time.

Instant payouts

Payments are automatically released by smart contracts straight to your ETH wallet, ensuring immediate withdrawals without delays or cancellations.

No deposits

Platform users get instant access to all of its functions and features without having to make any kind of deposits first.

Business model

We designed a radically new business model to shift user mindset from worrying about the integrity of platform providers to focusing on own ability to make profit. This new model allows moving from old models of interaction “user vs provider” to new one – “users vs users” – peer-to-peer. The blockchain technology and smart contracts make it possible.

With Qalba Betting Platform users are placing bets against each other and never against platform providers or any other intermediaries. Developing the Platform we eliminated all cheat opportunities and make the process as fair and transparent as possible.



We use white label model to connect brokers to the Platform. This allows us to minimize setup costs as well as help brokers launch their business in no time.

How to become a broker?

The blockchain technology allows the Platform to use concept of a common pool of liquidity. Qalba Tech Ltd connects brokers to the Platform to increase this pool. Users of all brokers connected to the platform make bets in one common pool for each of the available currency pairs and time intervals. In addition, users of a particular broker may not even suspect the existence of the Platform. We use the white label model to connect brokers and provide services that allow minimizing entry and setup costs as well as help brokers launch their business in no time.

To become a broker you need to have

  • Registered domain name
  • Registered hosting account
  • Registered ethereum wallet